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Testimonials for Clothing Machine

  • "After 5 years of hitting conventions it's nice to finally launch my baby (who keeps on growing)."
  • Norman Scherer, Sparta NJ

  • "After 4 years it all makes sense now, now lets see the cents."

    Sharon Sullivan, Sparta, NJ

  • "Sounds awesome, lets power the food industry"

    Ashleigh Rand, Miss Columbus Jersey City 2011, NJ

  • "My brain is ready to shift into toy testing mode"

    David Rubin, Sparta, NJ

  • "Shopping really, Now? .....I will after my friends are offline"

    Jamie Rubin, Sparta, NJ

    Feast, Play, Enjoy, Learn, Wear, Adorn, Smile, Relax, Party, Track.

    Foods, Candy, Beverages, Juice Flavors, Snacks, Soda Flavors, Distributors.

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    Tastecoins are a Ledger Currency used for Marketing, Constantly Valued at Bitcoins Current Price.


    Norman Scherer - Principal

    (917) 822-1870


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    ShipCuts.com - USPSDS.com - FedExDS.com - UPSDS.com

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